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Acies Innovation

We guided them to harness the potential of online advertising

How Google Ads helped Acies Innovations achieve its objectives.

We recognised Acies' aspiration and embarked on a mission to illuminate the path forward.

Acies Innovations, a prominent firm specialising in knowledge management and learning solutions, found themselves at a crossroads regarding their digital marketing strategy. Uncertain of how to proceed, they sought guidance to harness the potential of online advertising.


Pre-Action Assessment

Drawing from our extensive knowledge, we introduced Acies to the world of Google Ads, customised to suit their industry requirements. Acting as trusted advisors, we not only provided recommendations but also walked Acies through the entire process, from strategy development to implementation.

Action Plan Unveiled

With Acies’ digital infrastructure in place, we at Beacon Minds' launched targeted campaigns. Through continuous monitoring and refinement, they witnessed remarkable growth within six months, achieving a remarkable 7X return on investment.

Proof of Performance

The partnership between Acies Innovations and Beacon Minds stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and expertise. For businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of digital marketing, Beacon Minds offers a guiding hand towards success. Let us accompany you on your digital journey and together, we'll unlock new opportunities for your business.

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